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3 Natural Ways To Protect Your Garden

3 Natural Ways To Protect Your Garden

We enjoy the wildlife on our farm, hearing deer leap through the woods and splash through the pond, watching turkeys take flight, and observing bees and butterflies enjoying the wildflowers. These are all wonderful sights and sounds to behold on our nature walks. But if any of the wild critters should choose to trample our crops or gobble up our bounty we will be devastated.

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At Little Falls Farm

When we lived in Georgia we planted a peach tree in our backyard. We lived in a neighborhood and had about five acres. We were so excited when the first peach began to take shape. We photographed it, we dreamed of how yummy it would be, and we hoped for more fruit to blossom on our little tree. But within 48 hours the deer had eaten not just the peach, but the leaves and stem of our whole tree all the way down to the ground.

Ever since this learning experience we are continually looking for ways to protect our garden. We just planted our first three blueberry bushes at Little Falls Farm and we made chicken wire cages for each of them. So far they are safe. Using natural methods and being thrifty are important to us. So here are my latest discoveries for protecting your crop.

3 Ways To Protect Your Garden Naturally

  1. Get A dog
  2. I attended a farming conference recently. One of the breakout sessions was about raising blueberries. When someone in the audience asked, “How do you keep the deer from eating your young plants?” The speaker proceeded to tell how one of his fellow farmers planted 200 new blueberry plants. All 200 were promptly eaten by the deer in just one night! This blueberry farmer’s straightforward advice was, “Get a dog.”

  3. Plant More Than They Can Eat
  4. In this same session about raising blueberries the experienced farmer was asked if he used netting or something else to keep the birds from eating his blueberries. His very thoughtful, wise, and seasoned answer was, “Plant more than they can eat.”
    protect your berries
    At Little Falls Farm we have blackberries growing in numerous places in abundance. When the fruit appears we will get to test this theory for ourselves. Will there be enough for the birds and for our business? We certainly hope so.

  5. Make Some Noise
  6. chimes protect your gardenSome noise and a little glittering light can deter many different critters. Some people put tin pans in their garden or shiny Christmas ornaments to scare the birds away. In the back of a farm catalog I recently saw an ad for a balloon with eyes to scare away the birds.

    I think one of the most attractive options is to use shiny wind chimes. You will have the benefit of movement, noise, and reflective light. I made this wind chime from old spoons we found in one of our sheds. Some important advice…be sure to get a titanium drill bit to make holes in the stainless steel utensils.

Happy Gardening!

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  • Great blog with really useful info and of course my favorite solution was number 3….the lovely clever wind chimes!!! Keep us posted if it works this season, please!!!!

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