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DIY Tomato Cage

DIY Tomato Cage

Try This Natural DIY Tomato Cage

fallen tomato plantYou may have heard our excitement about the heirloom tomatoes we are growing this year. If so then you can imagine my dismay when I awoke to the sight of a fallen plant due to last night’s stormy weather. We did not have enough tomato cages this year for each plant but hoped that using them on every other one would be a sturdy solution. For this poor fella on the end that did not work out very well.

twigs tomato cageI thought of zipping off to Lowes for a tomato cage, but we have really been trying to be more frugal. So instead I googled a few diy tomato cage ideas. I happen to have some enormous twigs I had been saving to try my hand at making twig furniture.

twig tomato cageI immediately went to work on my diy tomato cage. Putting in the screws proved a little tricky as the twigs tried to roll over, but I was determined to rescue my heirloom tomato plant. I chose a tripod shape for sturdiness and I left one side arm able to move up and down in order to enclose the plant.

The finished product looks pretty good to me. I like how it blends in with the garden and has a little artistic flare with its natural curves. I may not be making twig furniture for Christmas presents this year, but at least we will have some delicious heirloom tomatoes to share.

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