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First Raspberry Plants on the Farm

First Raspberry Plants on the Farm

At Little Falls Farm our dream is to become a pick-your-own flowers, herbs, and berries destination. Today we planted our first ever raspberry plants. There is nothing quite like the taste of berries picked fresh in the warm sun. Our desire is to supply our community with high quality organically grown products.

Raspberry Plants Have a New Home

raspberry plants farmThis week we brought home raspberry plants from my brother’s garden in Kentucky. He has been successfully growing them for many years now. The benefit of knowing the grower of the canes is that we can be sure they are organically grown, delicious, and productive plants. We hope the raspberry plants will flourish in their new home on Little Falls Farm.
Did you know that one cup of raspberries is only 64 calories? And one cup of these yummy berries contains 54% of the daily value of Vitamin C and 8 grams of fiber.

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