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How to Make a Greenhouse Using Old Windows

How to Make a Greenhouse Using Old Windows

Our farm has several outbuildings that are a bit disheveled to put it nicely. Living on the thrifty side of life and desiring to make use of what we already have, we are creatively re-purposing the sheds. Our first project is to make a greenhouse using old windows.

One of the benefits of a greenhouse is saving money by being able to start plants from seeds. Having a greenhouse also extends the growing season. And for us it will free up our dining room and window sills at home, which have been my “greenhouse” this past winter.

The picture above is my kitchen window sill at the moment, which has been such a delight during the winter. The fresh basil and oregano are so fresh and delicious. Slowly I am moving the plants outdoors as the weather becomes warmer. Yesterday on the farm I transplanted some basil, oregano, and marigolds which I grew from seed over the winter.

The Greenhouse Project

greenhouse using old windows
Beginning of the Greenhouse Project

With a little research we found some terrific ideas on pinterest for using old windows to make a greenhouse. And it just so happened that our friends were updating the windows on their home and offered us their old windows. We were thrilled!

use windows for greenhouseWe are still in the beginning stages, but it is coming along beautifully. What was once a dark run-down looking shed is being transformed into a greenhouse flooded with sunlight.

I love how Ted is making use of supplies we already had here on the farm to redesign this old shed into something that is both useful and appealing. The aged barn wood, metal siding, and old windows certainly create a very charming greenhouse.

Ted is shoring up the interior beams and closing up the open side. And there was a very large tree growing through the shed that is being removed little by little, or rather root by root. I cannot wait to see the finished product. Stay tuned for more progress over the summer.
old window greenhouse

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