Who Is Growing Christmas Trees In Middle Tennessee?

Who Is Growing Christmas Trees In Middle Tennessee?

Who Is Growing Christmas Trees? We Are!

When Ted and I purchased our farm in middle Tennessee we had many dreams for these 40 plus acres. Those beginning dreams are evolving into even bigger dreams, ideas, and plans for the future, which we are always excited to tell you about.

A longstanding dream in our hearts has been to have a Christmas Tree Farm. Trainor christmas tree 2002In the Trainor household visiting a Christmas Tree Farm in November is an important part of our cherished family traditions. If you have never done this we highly recommend it as a wonderful family memory. It is fun to tromp through the woods looking for the best tree (sometimes in our shorts because the south can have crazy warm weather in November!), naming this new tree as it becomes part of our household, dad sawing it down, and the hay rides and hot chocolate always add to the festive nature of the whole experience. In today’s digital age it is especially great to get out in nature and have a family experience.

In November of 2017 Ted started reading about how to start this venture and purchased about 300 pine seedlings! For Christmas 2017 we decided to inaugurate the farm as a place for Christmas Trees by taking our then age 20, 18, 16, and 15 year old children to our Little Falls Farm to cut down a wild cedar tree for Christmas. It was a sparse Charlie Brown tree, but totally worth the experience! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one certainly tells a story.

growing Christmas trees
(L to R)Atticus(our dog), Maddie, Jake, Knox, and Ben

On January 21, 2018, with high hopes and big dreams of growing Christmas Trees,virginia pine growing christmas trees Ted and I planted 120 Virginia Pine Trees in our front pasture. They were precious little seedlings. I say “were” because a month later we discovered the rabbits found them to be quite tasty. The furry enemies(not friends) devoured about 1/3 of our newly planted crop.

Growing Christmas Trees With Help From Experts

Thankfully, the annual Pick TN Conference held February 2018 featured lots of seminars about and even a field trip to a Christmas Tree Farm. We are now official members of the Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association and we are moving forward undaunted by the rabbits. It is our desire and mission to create a place where families can have an outdoor experience together. Little Falls Farm is a place for creating memories and establishing family traditions that last a lifetime.

We will keep you updated on our progress! We look forward to providing a joyful experience and a memorable tradition for your family at Little Falls Farm.

christmas tree grower middle tn
Little Falls Farm is officially a member of the TCTGA!