Why Buy Local Flowers?

Why Buy Local Flowers?

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in–what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Why Buying Local Flowers Matters

An exciting part of Little Falls Farm is Katydid Fresh Flowers. specialty cut flower growers
We are a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. The following blog post has been adapted from their publication – http://www.ascfg.org/images/stories/whybuylocal.pdf

Why Imported Flowers Are Bad For The Environment

Almost 80% of fresh flowers sold in the United States are not grown in the United States, but in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Israel. Shipping flowers from those countries to the United States incurs huge transportation, energy, refrigeration, and storage costs, leaving an enormous carbon footprint. These floral materials may carry residue of chemical pesticides or fungicides.

The Lasting Beauty of Local Flowers

Imported flowers are often cut a week or more before they arrive in a consumer’s hands. During this time, quality and vase life decline. Local flowers can be cut in the morning and on your dining room table that evening, which means they will look and smell lovelier and last much longer.

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How Local Flowers Help the Environment

Local flower growers strive to produce their flowers using responsible farming methods like integrated pest management, diverse cropping systems, and low-input fertilization programs. Their farms encourage important biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation, which benefit the local community.

Buying Local Flowers Supports Small Farmers and the Local Economy

The production and sale of locally-grown cut flowers contribute to the local community’s economy by providing employment opportunities. Also, local Farmers pay taxes and those taxes support the needs of the community. Local flower farms also provide educational opportunities for the community to learn about gardening and agriculture. At Little Falls Farm we hope to provide classes in the future.

Local Flowers Make You Feel Better!

Flowers reduce stress and improve your mood. Flowers can connect you to a time, a place, a person, a season, or an event that brings you joy and cherished memories. Traditional aromatherapy uses the fragrance of essential plant oils as mood enhancers or stress relievers. Fresh local flowers with their wonderful scents are an inexpensive and more beautiful alternative to expensive oils and diffusers.

This season we are excited to be adding new flowers to our selection at the Farmers Market. Some flowers we are including are Calendula, Tea Roses, Indian Blanket Flower, Gillia Globe, Larkspur, Bells of Ireland, Bachelor Button, and more! And many of the flowers we are growing are edible, making them excellent additions to cooking and teas. We only use organic growing methods. We will be selling dried herbs and our flowers at the market this year. Visit us at the Columbia Farmers Fresh Market on Saturdays beginning in May.

Happy Gardening!
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